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Sunshine Sunshine

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn it.

You are a reason I hate myself.

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Angry Marines Angry Marines

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Eh, looks good enough. Some of the proportioning is off with with the canister thing on his back, but whatever.
Is bothered by blur on side.

eightball6219 responds:

The blurred edge is just the result of scanning with a sketch book that isn't ringed. But thank you anyway

Dark Angels Dark Angels

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Constructive Criticism Time!

Mmkay, so things that bother me:

Helmet looks kinda clunky. Is the respirator grille that large?
Trigger hand looks like it isn't holding anything, and the gun handle seems like it's a millimeter thick.
Speaking of the gun, it looks like a friggin' Nerf gun being that angular and shiny new, as with the whole marine.

But what do I know, I'm a fuckwit.
And there are limits with pencil and colored pencil.

eightball6219 responds:

My tablet copped out on me so pencil is all I got till I get the money or my birthday rolls around again.

The helemt is supposed to look clunk, people draw them different cause there's different styles to their helmets. I figured a larger grill would go good with the coverings the marine wears to give it's dark night look.

The reason the gun is so "clean" is cause, well when I do my chapter drawings (you can see the rest on DA), it's either like their brand new marines right out of training and just got the right to wear the Chapter;s armor, or it's just a figure from the game. You decide, lol

Page 1 Page 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Heheh, this looks evil already.

I'm impressed. Such a vague entrance, and yet still powerful.
Art is of a good quality. The lighting is nice; not happy, and more foreboding than anything else.
And speech bubble shadows are a nice touch.
My only quirk is that I don't like the text...
It seems to not fit in correctly with the art direction. It's too generic. You need something less modern and more contemporary (1920/30's ish, since that's when puppetry seems to be most commonly portrayed).
All I've got to say for this one.

Sorrygirl99 responds:

cool! I'm glad that SOMEONE is impresed with it! :D
I always have trouble with the speech bubbles... dunno why... i just do. And i only did ONE picture where i actually think i did some really good speech bubbles.... >.>
anyways, thanks for the review! I'll remember that! But this is going to be the last page that i have colored for now.... >.>

The Puppeteer's Puppet The Puppeteer's Puppet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh ho!

This looks horridly psychotic.
Heheheh, I am intrigued.
Beautiful artwork.
However, If I could say something:
With the ever-dark concept of manipulative puppetry, I do recommend that you use heavy dark/light contrast to reflect the evil-ness.
Also: Don't do a cheesy/predictable storyline. Go as original as possible.

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Sorrygirl99 responds:

trust me.... all of my storylines are SOOO ORIGINAL it hurts.... :)
thank you for the review and the 10! :D

Ruu is with the puppeteer. Ruu is with the puppeteer.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice.

'Heheheh... Another toy to play with... Let me see what you can do...'
...Well, that's all I got in terms of what puppetmaster girl (You, correct?) would be saying/thinking right now. It's not so open ended in terms of dialogue as the other picture you made that I reviewed with that overactive-imagination-fueled quote of quoteness.

Beautiful artwork. You make a little story with all of your pieces, and I appreciate that. Damn, I wish I could draw on my computer... And I wish I had a tablet... T^T...

Also: Ever heard of Alice Margatroid from the Touhou Series? Look into it.

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Sorrygirl99 responds:

i love the saying you say in the reviews! they are awesome! and i am really glad that you like my art...
i've also noticed that my pieces do have little stories and stuff...
and yes... it is I, the puppeteer ;3
btw, isn't tom fulp giving out tablets or something? i haven't really read his forums or anything...

Alice margatroid... sounds familiar... i'll look into that! :)

Rosechu Rosechu

Rated 5 / 5 stars



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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


- 1 for low Quality.
+10 For meme OSSIMNESS.

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SuparEFG responds:


Reisen Reisen

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesomely done.

Coloring is perfect, features balanced perfectly, and it's TOUHOU.
No reason not to give Ms. Inaba a 5 and 10.

Kickass work.

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Good Bye. Good Bye.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"Good Bye..."

"Don't you worry, though. This won't be the last time we see each other. Oh, most definitely not! I still need to do the same thing to you: Destroy everything from my home to my mental stability. I want you to suffer as I have. Which is why I will be back. I swear. And when I am, I will make sure you want yourself dead, and I will keep you alive through all means necessary. So keep your eyes open. You're going to have to see mine again. But for now, enjoy your stable, happy life... The one you took from me..."

Sorrygirl99 responds:

whoa,,... amazing and yet poetic :3